Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Day: sewing and applying for a job!

Yesterday I pieced my third block for my Sentimental Journey 2010 BOM. When I was ready to put on the sashing I noticed that the sashing pieces were too short. Oh well, I'll just stretch them a little. So I stretched them...not such a good idea! Now not only was my block distorted it was still too big. Should have been 16.5 inches square but ended up 16 and 3/4! Yuck, I hate imperfection. Soooo I take the whole block apart and measure and trim each piece and stitch it back together. Now I have a beautiful almost perfect finished block. Now I'm happy that when I look at my quilt I won't be totally disgusted with myself! Anyway, all the unsewing and resewing did give me ample time to contemplate my decision to apply for a job at the local hospital. While the extra money would be great it would also mean giving up precious sewing time:-(. Well, I haven't got the job, I have only applied for it. So I'll cross that bridge if I get to it. One never knows how their life will play out. The best part of my day was making a trip to the LQS to pick out backing for my Bunny Hill applique quilt. My first attempt at real applique. Not the cut and paste method! Can't wait to have it quilted.

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  1. Wow! You have some really beautiful things that you've made! Your bunny quilt is too cute! And your blog looks great : ) You are off to a very good start! Oh yes…and your job situation- I am sure everything will work out! Either way, it’s good to have options! Good Luck!


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